Privacy, Confidentiality & Advertising

Members are reminded of FCCA’s privacy statement, and the obligations that it imposes on all members.

“Your Privacy: Subject to the Privacy Act 1988, FCCA will only use or disclose personal information that we collect through our website(s), email or other forms of communication, for the main purpose(s) for which we collected it, or for related purposes that you would reasonably expect, such as providing you with information relating to FCCA services and activities, or associated services that may interest you.”

FCCA reminds members that information shared on this forum is the exclusive use of FCCA members and should not be circulated outside this group in any form, either electronic or hardcopy, without prior permission of both the original author and FCCA.

Information shared by other members is often of a personal nature and as such may cause embarrassment or discomfort if shared, verbally, with persons outside this forum. If members feel unable to… freely discuss issues it has the potential to affect negatively the tone, nature and inclusiveness of the group. Please respect the privacy of other members, as you would ask them to respect your privacy.

FCCA collects email addresses from members as part of its member registration processes. From time to time FCCA may write directly to members (i.e. not via social media) to alert them of important events or activities etc. that require their attention. Such emails are sent out either by a Committee member or someone duly authorised in advance by a committee member to send such correspondence.

FCCA permits the advertising on the web group or magazine, from time to time, of products or functions that may be of interest to members. However, permission must be sought in advance from the Committee, via the Moderators of the web group. The Committee reserves the right to accept or reject the request as it sees fit. FCCA does not endorse or guarantee, in any way, the products/services advertised in this manner.

Standard of Conduct

Information on the standard of conduct is posted monthly to our social media platforms.