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Guidelines of Etiquette

Descriptions of these Nine Rules follow.

Use respectful language

Posts to the list should be worded so as not to cause offence to either individuals or members of the list as a whole.

Do not include the original message in your response

Refer to the original message instead in the text or quote parts of the original message. Also, please note that messages automatically get sent to the list if you click 'reply'. If your reply is better sent privately to the original poster, please take care to ensure that you change the email address you send your post to.

Digest subscribers

Please cut and paste your message to avoid sending entire digests back to the list.

Read all of your mail before responding

READ ALL OF YOUR MAIL before responding, especially digest subscribers. Often times somebody else has already given the response you are going to.

All caps has the effect of shouting at the reader

Please avoid the use of all caps unless you are trying to emphasize a point.

Identify yourself by name and email address in all messages

If you are not a frequent poster please also indicate where you live and at what stage in the adoption process you are. If you are a frequent poster you need only include this information occasionally to remind list members of your status. Many people create a special signature file that's a few lines long. This file can be easily added at the end of each email message.

Use the subject line

Please use the subject line when originating a message to the lists. In this way readers can tell by reading the index whether the note is about something they are interested in. In addition, when people respond back to the list using the reply function, that subject will always appear. If you are replying to a previous post whose content has veered off of the original subject line, please change the subject line to indicate the main topic of your email.

Use the delete key liberally

If you are overwhelmed with mail there is no need to read every message. Most all mail programs that I am aware of allow one to delete mail from the index list without having to read the message.

Use the digest or no email options

If you wish to consolidate your mail to be more manageable, there is an option available which will consolidate all your list messages up to 40,000 bytes, they are then strung together in a digest. The digest is preceded by an index so that you can tell the subject of each message in the digest and approximately where it is. If there is nothing of interest to you there, it only takes one stroke of the delete key to eliminate the entire digest's volume of messages. If you choose not to receive individual emails then you may read messages at the group’s yahoo website.

Messages are copyrighted

Due to problems with usage of the list contents, the following statement is being made. All messages sent to the list are copyrighted by the author of the message and by the owners of the list. In other words to use any part of a message, anywhere besides on the list, you must have permission of the original author and the list owners.

On-site advertising

FCCA permits the advertising on the web group or magazine, from time to time, of products or functions that may be of interest to members. However, permission must be sought in advance from the Committee, via the Moderators of the web group. The Committee reserves the right to accept or reject the request as it sees fit. FCCA does not endorse or guarantee, in any way, the products/services advertised in this manner. As our numbers grow, these rules become even more essential if the character of our list is to remain intact.

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